Genres of Photography

Anyone can simply take pictures of anything. But, it is also good to know about the genres of photography. You should be able to distinguish under which of the genres of photography does the picture you took fall into. Let’s begin with the Portrait Photography. If you took picture of a person using effective lighting, backdrops, or even different poses, then that is under portrait photography. And if you capture nature, this falls under Landscape Photography. It can be a mountain, forest, or disturbances of landscapes.

For Nature Photography, it is a wider range of photography because it includes landscapes and wildlife. Landscape Photography and Wildlife Photography focuses only on landscape and wildlife. And Aerial Photography is another genre of photography with the use of an aircraft to take photos from above. In this genre of photography, you can shoot almost the whole area unlike when you are just taking pictures on the ground while for Fashion Photography, your focus is on the clothing itself as well as the model.

Food Photography is one of the most common genre of photography. Some of the rules or techniques of photography is also being applied here. If you go to the restaurant and ordered some food, your focus or main subject is the food. And for the Fine Art Photography, the photographer himself will be the one to create it. There are many other genres of photography but these ones are the most common and for professional photographers  as well as for the beginners.